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Content Creator - Engineer

"Charzele's persistency made me want to learn"

Producer - Engineer

"He taught me how to EQ and take certain pitches in and out of Auto-tune".

Artist - Engineer

"The Frustrations I had was keeping me away from perfecting my craft, I learned in a day"

Artist - Engineer

“The BEST part of all, you SAVE ALOT OF MONEY doing your own thing AND MAKE $$$ recording your homies”.


Still Unsure? Don't worry, I'll give you 7 days FREE. 

Don't stress about the $$$ or if this is "REAL", try it for FREE!

Knowing how to record is cool, having a great mix may be cooler, but to have QUALITY 1 on 1 help may be the coolest. 

- Charzele Lawson

Founder, True Features Studios


Pricing Plan

Try our 7-day FREE trial for our $39.99 per month plan. 

Studio Support Membership


per month

+ (4)Weekly 1-on-1 Mix-Sessions

+ Daily Alerts & TEXT Check-ins

+ Weekly Mixing Assignments

+ Daily Music Production Tips

+ QUICK-EASY Access to Weekly Live-Group MIX-Session

+ FREE MP4 of 1-on-1 Sessions

HOW does this work?

Below is a step-by-step process of what each member will go through week-by-week and to get STARTED within this membership.

  • Member Mix review & Homework Assignment

  • In this stage Engineer will review member's current mix(s), then set member's weekly mixing focus. Lastly, text-voice communications to monitor member's mixing progress will be scheduled, along with a designated time for weekly virtual 1-on-1 mixing session.

  • Mid-week Text Communications

  • Midweek, Artist will email their mix from the initial homework assignment in stage 1, then receive text and/or voice communications on how to improve mix prior to 1-on-1 session. 

  • 1-on-1 Mixing Session & Homework Overview

  • Here Engineer will spend 1-on-1 time reviewing member's mix(s) and making adjustments LIVE for member online! This will be a concise yet fun and interactive meet-up.  

    Why work with us?

    Working with us will help you take CREATIVE CONTROL, SAVE MONEY and STOP STRUGGLING ALONE.

    SAVE $$$

    Although you are saving $$$ by having your own studio, you still have to learn how to use it properly and skillfully. I taught myself and saved money by long hours studying, but i'm here to make your life easier at a SUPER AFFORDABLE COST!  


    The Greatest Artist Have multiple talents! Don't limit yourself! Learning how to mix will help you find and/or improve your sound!


    I teach people how to record in 1 hour or less, as well as begin to comprehend mixing to train your ears to quality sound!


    Still on the fence?

    "I Remember going to the studio and PAYING A FORTUNE to record! I loved music so much that I had to still find a way to continue expressing myself without paying SO MUCH! So, I saved my lunch money to get my first music studio! I felt like I was on-top of the world! Then I started experiencing obstacles recording. From that point I started investing into education, relationships and mentors. What I learned from these experiences is at every stage you’re going to have to Invest in yourself, so be open to new things, endure through growth and take advantage of opportunities”!


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